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10% off ThinkPad T and X series (incl tablet) + services/accessories/monitors. Code: OCTOBERAFFPROMO
Discount Coupon:AFFS10SLEEVE
Free Sleeve with S10e/S10-2 CODE: AFFS10SLEEVE
Discount Coupon:AFFS1020OFF
Get £20 off Lenovo IdeaPad NetBook S10e (White Cover) CODE: AFFS1020OFF
Discount Coupon:AFF10X301
10% off the thinnest ThinkPad ever, ThinkPad X301! Code: AFF10X301
Discount Coupon:THINK5%AFFNOV
5% off all Think services/accessories/monitors 4-17 Nov 10. Code: THINK5%AFFNOV
10% off all T and W series ThinkPads. 4-17 Nov 10. Code: T&WSERIESAFFNOV
Discount Coupon:5DAYSDEALSSEPT
10% off ALL think products. Code: 5DAYSDEALSSEPT

Lenovo Discount Coupons And Lenovo Promo Codes

Discount Coupon:SEPTX10%
10% off on ALL our ThinkPad laptops X series (ultraportable)
Discount Coupon:SUMMER2011
10% off all our Think products (ThinkPad laptops, ThinkStation workstations, ThinkCentre desktops, ThinkVision monitors) and accessories!
Discount Coupon:USPC10D46599
62% off Lenovo Multimedia Remote with keyboard (with holiday skins). eCoupon: USPC10D46599
Discount Coupon:USPY5C1223
$550 off IdeaPad Y560! eCoupon: USPY5C1223
Discount Coupon:USPTHINKDEC13
Save an additional 10% on all Lenovo ThinkPad Edge laptops. eCoupon: USPTHINKDEC13
Discount Coupon:USPTHINKDEC13
Save an additional 15% on the Lenovo ThinkPad W510 laptop. eCoupon: USPTHINKDEC13.
Discount Coupon:USPTHINKDEC13
Save an additional 15% on the Lenovo ThinkPad T410s laptop. eCoupon: USPTHINKDEC13.
Discount Coupon:USPU2D1223
$200 off Ideapad U460! eCoupon: USPU2D1223
Discount Coupon:USPX200TAB
$350 more off Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet Coupon Code: USPX200TAB
Discount Coupon:USPG9X01017
$250 off Lenovo G460. eCoupon: USPG9X01017
Discount Coupon:USPC11J46487
50% off Lenovo Portable DVD Burner DB50 (Black). eCoupon: USPC11J46487
Discount Coupon:USPQ1LU
Product: IdeaCentre Q700: 30151LU coupon code: USPQ1LU discount: $100 Limited usage: 100 final price: $449
Discount Coupon:USPG56SU
coupon code: USPG56SU discount: $100 Limited usage: 400 final price: $499
Discount Coupon:USPC11J46574
60% off Wireless Mouse N3902A (black). eCoupon: USPC11J46574
Discount Coupon:USPC11J46320
75% off Ideapad 13"Sleeve S135(Pink). eCoupon: USPC11J46320
Discount Coupon:USPU2D0113
$200 off Ideapad U460. eCoupon: USPU2D0113
Discount Coupon:USPU1550120
$450 off Ideapad U160. eCoupon: USPU1550120
Discount Coupon:USPC11J46336
50% off Lenovo Multimedia Remote with keyboard. eCoupon: USPC11J46336
Discount Coupon:USPU1590120
$450 off Ideapad U160. eCoupon: USPU1590120
Discount Coupon:USPK32P0113
$250 off IdeaCentre K320. eCoupon: USPK32P0113
Discount Coupon:USPJANEDGE
Take an extra 5% off plus double upgrades on all ThinkPad Edge 14 & 15 laptops! eCoupon: USPJANEDGE
Discount Coupon:USPC11J42094
65% off IdeaPad 15'' Backpack B450 (Black). eCoupon: USPC11J42094
Discount Coupon:USPC11J36576
60% off Lenovo Video Docking VDK8726. eCoupon: USPC11J36576
Discount Coupon:USPJANTHINK
Save an additional 15% off any Lenovo customizable X201 Laptop. eCoupon: USPJANTHINK
Discount Coupon:USPC11J36483
70% off Lenovo Optical Mouse A6010 - Red. eCoupon: USPC11J36483
Discount Coupon:USPC11J32100
50% off Ideapad 16' toploader T360. eCoupon: USPC11J32100
Discount Coupon:USPS55U
Product: Ideapad S12: 295955U coupon code: USPS55U discount: $80 Limited usage: 200 final price: $349
Discount Coupon:USPJANTHINK
Save an additional 10% off any Lenovo ThinkPad T410 or T510 laptop. eCoupon: USPJANTHINK
Discount Coupon:USPA74J0120
$400 off IdeaCentre A700. eCoupon: USPA74J0120
Discount Coupon:USPY4L0124
$250 off IdeaPad Y460. eCoupon: USPY4L0124
Discount Coupon:USPW700JULY
25% off the ThinkPad W700 use ecoupon USPW700JULY
Discount Coupon:USPY5260117
$370 off Ideapad Y560p. eCoupon: USPY5260117
Discount Coupon:USPZ460117
$250 off Ideapad Z560. eCoupon: USPZ460117
Discount Coupon:USPC11J36484
65% off Lenovo Notebook Stand S1801A. eCoupon: USPC11J36484
Discount Coupon:USPG9U0124
$220 off Lenovo G460. eCoupon: USPG9U0124
Discount Coupon:USPMEMORY
10% off all ThinkPad laptops. eCoupon: USPMEMORY.
Discount Coupon:USPY4240113
$400 off Ideapad Y460p. eCoupon: USPY4240113
Discount Coupon:USPMADNESS
up to 20% off additional on sale price on ThinkPad T-Series use ecoupon- USPMADNESS
Discount Coupon:USPU54U
Product: Ideapad U550: 374954U coupon code: USPU54U discount: $130 Limited usage: 300 final price: $599
Discount Coupon:USPTIME2SAVE
10% off ThinkStation WorkStation
Discount Coupon:USPSAVINGS
Up to 20% off select Lenovo Computers.
15% off Select ThinkPad laptops
Discount Coupon:USPIDEAPAD10
10% OFF on IdeaPad
Extra savings on select Lenovo PC's
Discount Coupon:USPX20015OFF
Sale! Select Lenovo X-Series. To save an additional 15% on X200
Discount Coupon:USPIDEART
5% off consumer desktops K220, K230, H200
Save 15% more on select IdeaPad multimedia notebooks
Lenovo ThinkPad X61 series notebook. Get extra 15% off on X61s & X61 Tablet
Discount Coupon:USPTIME2SAVE
10% off ThinkCentre A Series desktops
Discount Coupon:USPMADNESS
Up to 20% off additional on sale price on ThinkPad T-Series
Discount Coupon:USPGO4SAVINGS
Limited Time Only - 10% off ThinkCentre A Series desktops!
Discount Coupon:USPSPRING
Save up to $595 off select ThinkPad laptops
Discount Coupon:USPBOLDLYGO
Get extra 10% to 15% off select ThinkStations, ThinkPads and IdeaPads.
Discount Coupon:USPS10RT
5% off IdeaPad S10 notebooks

Lenovo Best Promotions, Deals, Free Shipping Offers

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20% off Lenovo Wireless Laser Mouse - Black. eCoupon: N/A
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20% off Lenovo 90W Ultraslim AC/DC Combo Adapter. eCoupon: N/A
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50% off Targus Eternity 10" Sleeve CS2600-8C. eCoupon: N/A
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20% off ThinkPad Combo in Ear Headset. eCoupon: N/A
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35% off Lenovo Multimedia Remote with keyboard. eCoupon: N/A
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20% off Wenger Deluxe Slim Case for Lenovo. eCoupon: N/A
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20% off Wenger Backpack for Lenovo. eCoupon: N/A
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40% off IdeaPad 15"Messenger Case M150(Black). eCoupon: N/A
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Lenovo 2 Day Sale! May 7th and 8th
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SL 400 10% off
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SL400 15% off
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$100 off Lenovo ThinkPad SL500 laptop Expires 5/3/09. Limit 200.
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10% Off Lenovo X61 Series Notebook
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10% off Lenovo ThinkPad X Series Tablet
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10% off Lenovo ThinkStation S10 and D10 Workstations
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Lenovo X61s 33% Off! Save $1,016.00!
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Lenovo X61 Tablet 32.23% OFF. Save $1,220.00!
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up to $170 off select Lenovo IdeaPad laptops save until Apr 13
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W500 20% off
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$250 discount on 64GB and 128GB select solid state drives!


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